The prison Las Palmas II incorporates a Culligan reverse osmosis system

Culligan Spain, company specialised in water treatment, is the company that will install a system of reverse osmosis treatment and prduced water remineralisation at the prison Las Palmas II in San Bartolomé de Tirajana, Island of Gran Canaria.

The implementation of this project is due to the need to equip the center with a water treatment system, able to absorb and solve the quality deficiencies of the existing and supplied water in the área.

The solution to be installed was designed as a turnkey Project with a period of operation of 6 months for a flow of 1.500 m3/day, and guarantees the accomplishment of the current regulations in terms of quality of waters for human consumption on current and future conditions.


The scope of the supply and installation consists of:

-          Feed water abstraction phase: The water feed has been made through a suitable flow transfer pump and pressure for the requested production.

-          Physical pretreatment phase: sand filtration, cartridge filtration (currently non existing cartridges, that are intended to be installed and adapted to the filter system through the offer).

-          Reverse Osmosis phase: high-pressure pumping, reverse osmosis proccess equipment IWE Special. In the design of the frame it has been considered the installation of 6 8” diameter tubes, with a 1,5” side-feed collating, and a pressure of at least 450 psi, for housing therein 6 membranes, which are distributed in two stages. As a result, a total of 16 salt water winding spiral membranes have been installed.

-          Chemical pretreatment phase: acid and anti-fouling imput as a preventive measure against the unwanted precipitation of membranes.

-          Remineralisation of desalinated water: a remineralisation of desalinated water system has been arranged on the basis of the flow of water to be treated through calcite beds, the equipment in use is the HIFLO 9 UU48.

-          Mixing system: composed of pipings, valves and other elements that make posible the mixing in the drinking water storage tank of the prison.

Founded in the United States in 1936, Culligan is an American company specialized on water treatment systems, not only for public use, but also for domestic and industrial consumption. Culligan is the world leader on water treatment and is present in all continents, with more tan 800 suppliers all over the world. This company guarantees the continuous innovation and improvement of our equipments and solutions.

In Spain, Culligan is present since 1962 with its headquarter in Castellbisbal (Barcelona). In 2012 Culligan Spain celebrated its 50 anniversary, as one of the first companies in the water treatment sector in this country.

The quality of Culligan products and services are the company’s primary objective. For this reason and thanks to the large investment in I+D+i, our products meet the market and our clients needs.

Culligan penitenciaria las palmas

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