Culligan on board the largest cruise ship in the world The Harmony of the Seas

The Harmony of the Seas made by Royal Caribbean is the largest cruise ship in the world. It set sail from Saint Nazaire, France, for first acceptance tests with 500 people on board, although it can carry up to 6,300 passengers with 2,200 crew members.

On board of the Harmony of the Seas, Culligan has provided all facilities for the treatment of the pools and whirlpools for a total of 23 plants, including 12 whirlpools whose shapes and patterns have been researched and produced by Culligan specifically for this ship.
Thanks to the work of Mirko Degli Esposti and Nicola Mantovani, Sales Managers of Culligan Marine Division, and to Eng. Claudio Fazzino, Culligan has been awarded the contract to supply plants for water treatment pools, the water park and for the supply of whirlpools and related treatment for a total project value of € 1.8 million.
Moreover, to set-up all plants Culligan has provided a continuous technical assistance team of two technicians which was on board from January until the final delivery to the Ship-owner..
This great ship can has two special pools called Flow Rider which allows passengers to try their hand at surfing, three water slides, one, longer than 45 meters, never realized before on a ship, and a pool with a moving floor that can turn from a normal pool into an aquatic
theater with water jets moving and follow each other in time to music.
Due to their size, two long whirlpools of more than 10 meters required a specialised loading on board …

Harmony of the Seas joins three other ships of the Royal Caribbean fleet which are equipped with water treatment systems supplied by Culligan, the ships were built in the Meyer Werftshipyard in Germany and the third, Ovation of the Seas, is going to be delivered to the Ship-owner. Even if smaller than Harmony of the Seas, with their 180,000 tons, they are still among the largest cruise ships ever built.
Culligan has already won the contract for the Harmony II and the Culligan Marine Division department is in process of closing the contract even for Harmony III. Another record for Culligan’s board.
After the tallest building in the world Burj Kyhalifa and the deepest pool of the world Y- 40, once again the Culligan’s technology and know-how are a key off of another world record, ensuring that passengers of the largest ship of the world can enjoy their holidays immersed in swimming pools and whirlpools not only pleasant but totally safe. Congratulations to the team who contributed to this great success!

Best regards.

Angelo Serio
International and Marine Director

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