HE Culligan – High efficiency water softener



Among water softeners, the design, intelligence and efficiency of Culligan® HE models are simply matchless. The patented technologies that optimize consumption of salt, water and electricity allow significant cost savings.

“Program and forget it” smart technology

Culligan proportional regeneration technology allows your water softener to regenerate only the part of the resin bed that was used, for reduced consumption of salt. With the application of a modem (optional), Culligan® HE will be able to inform the Culligan dealer if your water softener needs salt or assistance: the dealer can thus arrange a visit even before you become aware of the problem.

In addition, the automatic bypass valve offers the convenience of being able to exclude the soft water line, in order to deliver untreated water at any time.


  • Reduces operating costs by up to 46%*
  • Saves 75,000 Litres of water in 10 years**
  • Saves up to 2½ tons of salt in 10 years**
  • Bypass valve with remote control
  • Updating in real-time & interactive remote control
  • Adapts automatically to changes in water***
  • Culligan HE water softener Dimensions (w-d-h) Shipping weight Max. drain flow
  • Model HE 20 – 1″ 690x460x1270 55 Kg 0,6 m3/h
  • Model HE 40 – 1″ 720x460x1580 75 Kg 0,6 m3/h


Live Better

With softened water, your laundry will be fresher and softer, glasses will gleam, housework will be lighter, and the boiler will benefit in efficiency and service life

Save Money

*The HE water softener optimizes the consumption of salt and water and electricity by up to 46% less compared to a water softener with regeneration by time


The patented smart technology and the exclusive safety valve offer matchless reliability

Warranty and service

El descalcificador de agua HE tiene la garantía de Culligan. Dicha garantía quedará anulada en caso de condiciones o usos no previstos para el uso normal del equipo.

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